Final update.

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I would enjoy it if 30 to 100 years from now the exploration of science were to confirm 60% to 90% of my work… But if the very communities closely involved to these ideas and experiences refuse to seriously explore, support, or consider my theories; then I am unsure of my obligation to remain the sole voice of crazy in the defense of both the communities and the theories suggested on this site. I would wholly enjoy (and encourage) a deep and open-minded scientific audit of these issues: the systems theory of miniaturization and the Transcension Hypothesis, UFOs, and how the mind and brain fully reacts to DMT.  The casual scientific complaints against those items don’t seem totally convincing–yet I am unsure if it is from the lack of total scientific authority and support, or if it is my own emotional confusion that prevents me from totally turning away from the theories. There is simply too much to study.

Regardless, it cannot be one person’s job to change the world. I am always skeptical about skepticism’s ability to bring us someplace new–as only new experiences can deliver new ideas; and the only way to experience new experiences is to have them, and not read and criticize them from afar. Yet, until the complaint that “it’s just a drug which messes with your mind” is scientifically countered, and/or the various communities bring their support, I don’t have much choice but to fully retire from this strange mountain. The plausibly of it is too malleable. The costs are too high. And the rewards are too zilch.

I don’t know what authority my statements and ideas have to an “unknown reality”, but they are here for you to explore–legally and safely–on your own until either it’s clear the ideas really are just crazy talk, the aliens somehow step way from their anthropological silence, or we meet Them after some mysterious discovery.

And what’s one more crazy person on the Internet anyway? :)
Two final pieces of advice from the deathbed The Knight: a) If you fight “the system,” don’t be surprised when it stabs back, HARD. b) If you wish to be independent of “the system,” don’t be surprised when you’re utterly and completely alone…

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