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As you can see, it’s hard work getting a book “out there.” Even world-famous writers may often spend five years picking their noses waiting for their books to “make it.” Marketing once was the role of publishers, but with the economy so tight, publishers seem to only look for sure wins… And my book is no sure win, as it’s a bit controversial.

Thus, is amazing! Kickstarter is a marketplace where good ideas find good people who want in on the action. I need more dough for reviewers, book tours, and perhaps another round of editing. Otherwise I’m about a month away from lying on my resume by deleting most everything I’ve ever done and learned to go stock shelves at my local Target, or running abroad to go teach English someplace strange.


So today, on December 31st 2011, our Kickstarter Project lives!

What better way of ringing in the New Year than learning about the possible knowledge that realities of our world are MASSIVLY more different than we could ever imagine? If I might say, I really like the video we put together. Special props to Dave Wick for the artwork (go get a tattoo from him) and Skytree for the music (go bliss out to his music). The video is a simple introduction to the general narrative of the story in The End of Human Space, and doesn’t directly go into anything scary like I do in Escaping the Fermi Paradox. I think it’s nice to keep a path open for everyone, no matter their temperament to explore.

I think the Kickstarter page is a really nice, easy, and safe introduction to my project—so I hope it works out. The world needs this. Change is inevitable, and it seems silly to not be ready to talk about something as big and intense as the ideas this book attempts to explore.



   “What day is it?” she asked. They looked at her uncomprehendingly. Something was wrong. “Peter, for heaven’s sake, what day is it?”
     “How do you mean?” Valerian answered. “It’s today, Friday December 31, 1999. It’s New Years Eve. Is that what you mean? Ellie, are you alright?”

 Peter Valerain and Ellie in Contact, by Carl Sagan, 1985

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