The Unnecessary Suicide of the Dream to Explore

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by Russ 2 Comments

Yesterday’s offers us a well done and wincingly graphic photomontage about the symbolic death of the American Adventure into space, in Astronaut ‘Suicide Photos’ Inspired by Shuttle Program’s End by Pete Brook.

But this attitude is frustrating to me, because the death of the dream is not necessary true. The dream has only been obscured by greedy bureaucrats and our unwillingness to learn and explore… There is a back door into the universe, and in our fear and ignorance we have condemned it to be illegal. Who cares about moon rocks and the red sands of Mars when entry into a wider universe that we couldn’t even being to imagine, is possible?

When an older fellow came to my table last week at Renovation, and thought my book The End of Human Space was about the end of manned space flight. I had such a hard time explaining to him that we don’t need those tin cans, and that his great disappointment at never being able to reach other planets in his lifetime was un-warranted.

You’ll have to read my book with an open mind, past chapter four, to see what I mean. I don’t have the space for 100,000 words of argumentation here…


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  1. Mr. Shadow says:

    Shush you, be quite.

  2. jtholden |x| says:

    God it is hard to get people past chapter 4…but it is so worth it.

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