Dragon*Con! – Atlanta, GA [(almost) cancelled]

Posted on: August 30th, 2011 by Russ No Comments

I’ll be at Dragon*Con this weekend going for broke!

See you there.





UPDATE  9/1/11:

Sorry. I’m checked into the flight, the hotel room is booked–but I simply can’t afford the extra costs of the trip and still pay my bill this month! I’ve arrived at “broke.” The bigger bummer is that I can’t even get the much needed refunds (unless I buy trip insurance and forge a death certificate). ugh, stupid.


UPDATE 9/5/11:

Borrowed $400 from parents. Made it to the Con anyways because the flights were non-refundable. Learned a ton (see updated “If I had a Time Machine”.)  Yet the rest of my Learning’s are in peril  >.<  I think sharing a 100% perfect work is so important, but I feel trapped at the 97% finish line…




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