The End of Human Space

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An unexpected new frontier.

A young man finds himself lost in the Great Stories, and while exploring those pages he finds a Great Story of his own: a perilous adventure into a primitive culture’s awkward attempt to greet a mysterious and powerful Other. Taking up the lance of truth like a modern-day Don Quixote, he barrels headlong into unknown terrain in search of answers to a puzzle with ancient origins and a controversial solution.


This factually grounded science fiction explores a mind-bending second front of Alien contact in a world where human governments have condemned conversations with Aliens as illegal. Yet an unlikely group of adventurers has cut through the wires of a cultural fence to make a stunning discovery of an ancient biotechnology interwoven into their very ecosystem. The Aliens wait patiently for humanity to transcend its ignorance. They’re here, and those who wish to look may now learn Their shy lessons.


Quotes about a book that might or might not be true


“Explosive, like a supernova to the mind” —Dennis McKenna
“More significant than the Roswell crash” —Stanton T. Friedman
“I say with great pleasure this book is 100% horse crap” —Ronald Reagan





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